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Bali Spirit Festival

biggest yogafestival in the world

A festival where you feel happy all the time from drinking cocoa and hugging with strangers, a festival where you fly like a bird playing acro yoga, bliss out in a breathwork session and dream away on the sounds of Chrystal bowls. A week where your body is tired and aching from dancing and sweaty yoga, but you nevertheless continue and show up every day because you feel alive, excited and thrilled to be part of this amazing conscious movement. This joy and inspiration are yoga festival Bali Spirit Festival to me.


After volunteering twice and being fully emerged in the yoga festival, I can truly attest that Bali Spirit Festival (BSF)  is an inspiring and mind altering festival. It is a week full of yoga, breathwork, sound healing, ecstatic dance, contact dance and more.

What is special about the yoga festival?

The first time I attended BSF I encountered 'breathwork' with Christabel Zamor. This stunning beauty mesmerized me with her voice in her breathwork class. I was so impressed that I attended her Breath of Bliss facilitators training. A year later I stood in front of a group of 150 people on Christabel's' Breathfest event. Without Bali Spirit fest I don't know if I would have known about the magic of my own breath and all the different breathwork modalities. If you want to experience a breathwork session at home, click here to get acces to the audio breathwork session of Christabel. It destresses me and makes me feel really good!

What does the yoga festival offer?

The yoga festival takes place over five days. The playground is split into two venues – outdoors in Bhanuswari for the daytime and the beautiful ARMA Museum for all the music concerts.
During the day, you can enjoy all sorts of classes and workshops. Bali Spirit Festival not only offers yoga but also ecstatic dance, tai chi, African dance, contact dance, capoeira, and much more. These classes usually last for 60-90 minutes and are led by world-class instructors.
Bali is blessed with amazing weather so all classes take place in large tents and pavilions which are beautifully constructed for the festival. They’re all open on the sides, allowing for a nice breeze and great views of the surrounding valleys and rice fields. The large pavilions could fit a few hundred people, so it’s usually easy to find a spot in a class.

“a week full of yoga, breathwork, sound healing, ecstatic dance, contact dance and more.”


What was the highlight of BALI Spirit Festival 2017?

The highlight of the 2017th yoga festival for me, was the rediscovering of sound healing. I spoiled myself with a Gong Bath Meditation and a sound healing session with Masumi Nelson and her Chrystal singing bowls. It was divine. From the moment the music started, I was gone. Slipped into a state, in between dreaming and being awake. A safe place without any thoughts, expectation and daily worries. As always I felt slightly disappointed when the session ended. For me, it is never long enough. Here in the Netherlands sound healing sessions are not that common yet. It is about time to bring these soothing sounds to our beautiful little country.



Go to Bali!!

BSF keeps amazing with the quality of workshops and teachers they capture. They are quite a pioneer at finding new workshops and movements. This year I discovered: Inner dance experience. It is originated in the Philippines.  It is not about yoga, dance or movement. The only thing I had to do was resting on the ground. The facilitators created a list of songs. Some were mystical, some intense and others just popular pop songs. But they grabbed me and kept me intrigued. As I lay there sometimes wondering what to do,suddenly deep emotions came over me. I felt a hand on my head and belly. Holding me and allowing all the emotions to flow. Some people cried, others moaned or screamed. That was the effect the Inner dance experience had on people.

They say inner dance feels as the inner awakening that some visionaries tribes were talking about. I did not experience that but it was definitely special. I had a beautiful connection with a lady after. We sat together sharing personal stories and hugs. That's so special about BSF fest. You don't know what the workshop will bring you and in what state of mind you will be at the end of the day. BSF Fest Bali


 sign up

In September 2017 you can sign up to volunteer but also to host a workshop, make music or sell as a vendor on the dharma market.

Is it possible to volunteer?

YES! that is actually quite common. BSF offers possibilities to volunteer. The only thing you have to do is sign up here and move your ass to Bali :)  Volunteers are given a choice of morning (7-12), afternoon (12-5), or evening (5-10) shifts. These are the most common options – the box office, checking people in, information booths, wristband checks, and hosting the guests at one of the tents.
Volunteering is not completely free. Volunteers must pay a $50 “impact fee,” which is non-refundable. In return, you get total access to the festival that costs approx. $650, two special BSF t-shirts, a Balinese meal for every shift and free shuttle passes.

Who had the most special yogapants?

Yes off course I was also spotting yogapants. I met Taban from Iran. A cool chick from Germany. She immediately stood out with her awesome yoga pants. At least I thought they were yoga pants but in fact, it was a surf pants from Roxy! Taban told me about her passion for yoga and surfing! Watch this interview to learn more about the yoga pants.